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"How To Take Special Care Of Your Child's Health And Wellbeing For The Young Inexperienced Mother"


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Does motherhood ruining your life? Do you feel like it's the end of the world every time your child gets sick? 

For many young, inexperienced mothers the sight of  their sick and suffering children is an almost unbearable experience. And all too often, panic seizes them whenever their children start feeling unwell.

This should not be the case if you know about the nature of a child's physiology. 

From birth,  the child's body undergoes adaptations to the environment that is made for adults, hence the frequent bouts of infections and diseases.

To be sure, these diseases that afflict your child happen to make your child a very healthy adult by building immunity.

What is important is what you need to know about childhood diseases, what to do to prevent or treat sickness and how to nurture and nurse your child back to good health.



A Mother's Guide to Child's Health

Mother's Guide To Child's Health Ebook

The Mother's Guide to Child's Health is a perfect parent's companion that details the most common childhood diseases and complaints, prescribes what to do when your child gets sick as well as how to properly care for your child to become healthy.

Composed of over 56,000 words and 120 pages The Mother's Guide to Child's Health is now available in downloadable PDF ebook format.

Warning: The Mother's Guide to Child's Health should in no way become a substitute for a pediatrician. When your child gets sick always call your doctor.

The Mother's Guide to Child's Health is simply a doctor's assistant that would educate you about childhood diseases, what to do when your child gets sick and how to prevent diseases from occurring.

With This Guide You'll Quickly Discover Things Like:

 Chapter I. On the general management of infacy and childhood.

- On the Dietetics of Infancy

- Maternal Nursing

- Wet-nurse Suckling

- Artificial Feeding

- Weaning 

- On the Dietetics of Childhood

- Sleep (During Infancy - During Childhood)

- Bathing and Cleanliness (During Infancy - During Childhood)

- Clothing - (During Infancy - During Childhood)

- Air and Exercise - (During Infancy - During Childhood)


 Chap. II - On the use and abuse of certain remedies.

- Aperient Medicine

- Calomel

- Opiates

- Leeching

- Blisters and Poultices

- Baths


 Chap. III - On Teething, and hints upon the permanent teeth.

- On Teething

- Hints on the permanent or adult Teeth


 Chap. IV. - Hints for the early detection of disease in the child by the mother.

- Signs of Health

- Signs of Disease

- Other Circumstances which will assist in the early Detection of Disease

- The Influence of the Seasons in producing particular Forms of Disorder

- The Influence of an hereditary Predisposition to certain Diseases


 Chap. V. - On what constitutes the maternal management of the disease of children.

- Worms

- Scarlet Fever

- Measles

- Small-Pox

- Hooping Cough

- Croup

- Water in the Head


There are always concerns about a baby’s health. Many parents over react to the smallest problem, but you really can’t be too careful when it comes to your baby’s health. Recognizing the symptoms to the most common diseases is very important to early diagnosis and treatment.

Rubella or German Measles: It’s sometimes referred to as the 3-day measles as well. It affects the skin and lymph nodes. It’s not the same virus that cause measles. It can pass through a pregnant woman’s bloodstream to infect her unborn baby.

Rubella infection may begin with 1 or 2 days of mild fever (99 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, or 37.2 to 37.8 degrees Celsius) and swollen, tender lymph nodes, usually in the back of the neck or behind the baby’s ears. On the second or third day, a rash appears that begins on the baby’s face and spreads downward. As it spreads down the body, it usually clears on the face. This rash is often the first sign of illness that a parent notices.

The rubella rash can look like many other viral rashes. It appears as either pink or light red spots, which may merge to form evenly colored patches. The rash can itch and lasts up to 3 days. As the rash passes, the affected skin occasionally sheds in very fine flakes.

We can go on and on listing the diseases the can harm for child but will not do that because this ebook will guide to on how to take proper care for your child from every aspects that you would need to worry about any of them. So get your copy today!


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P.S. It’s alarming to read the headlines of the newspaper and think parents today might be outliving their children.  The rise in childhood obesity has increased the incidence and prevalence of medical conditions in children, in the past that had been rare. 

More frequently, cases of obesity related diseases such as type 2 diabetes and hypertension are being treated in children.  These diseases were once thought of as adult conditions. Reduce the chances of this happening to your child and put what is in this guide to use.

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