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Even the mention of a termite can send terror into the heart of a homeowner.  Many people know that a termite can cause huge damage to a home and when you take one termite and add it to another termite and then another and another and another, you might find yourself with a home that is not only unsound but extremely difficult to sell and live in.  Many people know about the termite, but not many people know specifics about this pesky insect.

A termite – also known as a white ant – is a member of a group of social insects much like regular ants.  They most often feed on dead plant material including wood, leaf litter, and soil.  The termite can cause huge damage to structures such as houses, building, crops, and forests. 

The termite superficially resembles an ant and is called a white ant only because of their social behaviors and similar size.  However, the regular termite is softer, whiter, shorter-legged, fatter and generally much slower moving.  In actuality, a termite is much more similar to the common cockroach.  Some experts feel like the termite belongs in its own classification of insects instead of being clumped together with ants in the Hymemoptra class or a super order which contains all of them called the Dictyoptera class.

The common termite has a biting mouthpart and their soft bodies are rarely longer than one centimeter in length.  As a colony, they typically inhabit dark nests and tunnels, only venturing out when the winged alates emerge to leave their parent colony, when constructing shelter or, in the case of grass- and leaf-litter-feeders, when harvesting their food.  The alate is basically a baby termite growing into a full blown termite and getting ready to venture out into the world to find their own food source to decimate!



How To Prevent Termite Intrusion

How To Prevent Termite Intrusion EbookIf you are a homeowner, you own any type of man-made structure, or you are a farmer, having an understanding of the common termite is essential. 

The common termite can cause unbelievable damage to both structures made of wood as well as plant material since their main food sources are dead plant material. 

That includes wood, leaves, fruits, vegetables, and basically anything that has gone “past its prime” and is fodder for their teensy tiny stomachs.

When you have an understanding as to how the termite feeds and where they are most commonly found, you will be better able to control them and minimize the damage that they are able to cause. 

You see, understanding a termite will help arm you with information that can help you know better how to combat these pests and get them away from that which you hold dear whether it be your home, your business, or your fields.


With This Guide You'll Quickly Discover Things Like:

 What Are Termites?

 Why termites can cause destruction

 How to find termites and know what to do

 What they look like, educate you on how they live

 Ground And Drywood Termites

 How Termites constructing their home

 How To Detect Termites

 What are the signs of possible termite infestation

 Treating For Termites

 How to perform DO-IT-YOURSELF Termite Treatment

 What are the types of termites treatments

 What to do when termites infestation occur

 Termite Prevention

 How keep termites away from your home

 Infrared Technology In Termite Detection

 and much more inside...

In general, it is not recommended that you undertake a do it yourself termite treatment program for termite infestation.  Getting rid of termites requires the use of powerful chemicals and it can be dangerous for anyone to try and manipulate these chemicals without the special training that goes along with them. 

A do it yourself termite treatment program also requires that you know what areas around your structure to target so that you can be most effective in getting rid of these pesky insects. With this guide as your reference you will know how to prevent termites before they even become a big problem.


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If You Serious About Ridding Termites
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The effect of termite damage will cause the integrity of the wood to become compromised.  That means when the termites begin feasting on the wood of your home, they can weaken the wood, cause drywall to crumble, eat away window sills and door frames, and so much more.  Even though these small little insects are less than a centimeter in length, the effect of termite damage on a structure can be huge and very expensive.

As a property owner, you should know what to look for when doing an inspection of your property to see if you have a termite problem.  If you don’t take steps right away to inspect for a possible termite infestation, the effect of termite damage on your structure could get out of control before you even know it.  Stop this from happening by getting your copy today.


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P.S. In getting an understanding of the termite and how to prevent them, you will need to get all kinds of information so that you know how to combat them. 

Remember that there are soldier termites out there, and they will do what they have to in order to make sure that the colony survives.  However, when you have a better understanding of how the termite colony works, you will have more tools to keep them from devastating your home and your life. This guide has all you need.

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