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The doctor didn't even have to say a word. You saw it in her eyes. Your cholesterol levels were high enough to cause some real concern. And she had to let you know that something needs to be done to reverse the situation before it becomes dangerous.

It's hard for busy people to be worried about their cholesterol at every meal. And since your cholesterol naturally rises as you get older, it seems to sneak up on you without warning.

Reversing rising cholesterol levels can be done safely, quickly, and painlessly if you know what you're doing. With a few expert tips you can balance those cholesterol levels and put your doctor at ease. (Along with your loved ones.)

You don't have to spend your life concentrating on what will or will not raise your cholesterol levels. All it takes is some solid, truthful information to put in the back of your mind when you go through life. Then you can balance your cholesterol levels faster than you thought possible.


Follow me, and I'll show you....

"How To Successfully Dedicate The Next 30 Days To Lower Cholesterol!"



Name: Bryan Gille


Greetings Friend,

You don't have to be a nutritionist or health expert to start making smart decisions.

If you feel like it's time to start taking your rising cholesterol levels seriously, all it takes is a few good pointers to start balancing things out.

When your cholesterol levels are too high, you can be in real danger. Your doctor knows it, you know it, and your family knows it.

High cholesterol levels have a way of sneaking up on people. Suddenly you're being told you have a real health risk, but you feel pretty normal. How can this be? The doctor must just be being over cautious.

If only that were the truth. When your cholesterol levels aren't balanced, you can be in real danger. It doesn't have to take long to reverse the process if you put a few good strategies into play. You don't have to eat oatmeal every day because I'm...


 Introducing the secret of...Our Lowering Your Cholesterol Ebook



Lowering Your Cholesterol In 30 Days!






Often, all it takes is a few relatively painless tweaks to your lifestyle to see your cholesterol levels balance out in 30 days.

Within my 50 page guide, "30 Days To Lower Cholesterol," I'll give you my battle plan for cleansing your arteries longterm. You can be reading my report in minutes, as you download it straight to your computer.

If you're worried about your cholesterol, you should definitely see your doctor. And my battle plan is not a replacement for a physician's care. But it is a great addition. (Just ask your doctor)


With This Guide You'll Quickly Discover Things Like:

 When cholesterol is your best friend. (Pages 3-4)

 Which foods are going to raise your cholesterol level every time. (Page 4)

 What people mean really when they say the words "cholesterol levels." (Hint: there's more than one answer.) (Page 4)

 What HDL and LDL really mean. (Pages 4-5)

 3 ways to change your life habits for better cholesterol levels. (Pages 5-6)

 How to handle cooking oils that are making your cholesterol readings skyrocket. (Page 6)

 When it's OK for your cholesterol levels to be rising. (Page 6)

 Find out if genetics really do play an important part in determining your cholesterol levels. (Page 6)

 How cholesterol effects your body for the worse. Are you at risk? (Page 7)

 What to do once your doctor confirms you have high cholesterol, starting the minute you walk out the door. (Page 7)

 7 ways to tweak your meal times for better health. (Page 8)

 8 ways to cook your meals that let you consume less saturated fats. (Page 9)

 5 foods to bring home from the grocery store on your next visit. (Pages 9-10)

 One of the best things you can do for your cholesterol levels (that you'll probably enjoy anyway). (Page 10)

 61 vegetables you may not have tried yet. Your new favorite veggie might be on this list. (Pages 10-12)

 35 fruits that you've possibly never tasted (and are missing out!) (Pages 12-13)

 5 ways to make it easier to transition to healthier meals (and have fun doing it). (Page 14)

 7 foods to have more often. (Pages 15-16)

 10 quick tips for lower cholesterol levels. (Pages 16-17)

 If you think children can't suffer from high cholesterol, you're in for a reality check on page... (Page 17)

 12 ways to teach your kids the healthy habits that could save their lives. (Pages 17-18)

 2 little used secrets to lower your cholesterol. And two battle plans to make it happen. (Pages 18-23)

 4 reasons to shop at farmer's markets. (Page 24)

 The secret to shopping a grocery store without leaving with a cart full of fatty snacks (this one works!) (Page 24)

 4 ways to change your shopping habits that will change your life. (Page 25)

 How to read food labels (and what they're really telling you.) (Pages 25-27)

 7 things to think about when pushing a shopping cart. (Page 28)

 A ready-made shopping list to always have on hand. Tuck this one in your purse or wallet, it may save you from making the wrong purchase decision. (Pages 29-30)

 14 alternative remedies and supplements that may help balance your cholesterol levels. (Pages 30-32)

 5 popular medications that have shown success in balancing cholesterol levels. (Pages 32-35)

 8 more ways to painlessly tweak your eating habits. (Pages 36-37)

 How to put a strangle hold on salts by choosing foods that are already high in flavor. (Page 38)

 One trick that will keep you from over-eating and your body functioning at peak condition at the same time. (Page 38)

 What to do before your next doctor appointment. (Pages 39-40)

 10 questions to ask your doctor at your next visit. (Pages 40-42)

 8 common myths and misconceptions about cholesterol. (Pages 42-44)

 11 approved places to seek out more qualified information about cholesterol and your health. (Pages 44-45)

 4 page glossary on cholesterol and health terms you need to know before your next doctors visit (if you want any hope of understanding what is said). (Pages 45-48)

And there's MUCH more - guaranteed!

We all know salt's not the best for you. But you don't have to throw it out. All you have to do is seek out foods that are already high in flavor. If you're taste buds are all ready hoppin' excited, you won't need to add the salt that could clog your arteries. (See page 38 to know what I mean)

The little things you do each day can really add up. In my guide, I'll teach you how to shop all over again. (See pages 24-30) Not just to ditch the potato chip aisle but how to navigate the store so you won't WANT potato chips. You'll be too busy browsing new foods that will have you salivating before you leave the store.

It's not about giving up foods you love. Moderation is always best. But my battle plan teaches you how to add variety to your meal plan and balance your cholesterol levels at the same time. You will be excited for your next trip to the grocery store.

I'll tell you 8 ways to prepare your food that will leave less harmful effects on your body. (Page 9) Then I'll give you 5 more ideas for meals to have this week, all of which will help to stabilize your cholesterol. And on pages 29-30, I even have a ready made shopping list full of foods you just need to try anyway. Not just because they can help you to lower your cholesterol in 30 days.

My guide, "30 Days To Lower Cholesterol" is your attack plan for better health. In 30 days you can see a significant drop in cholesterol levels with just a few painless tweaks to your everyday lifestyle.

Doctors get paid a LOT for each visit, whether you're paying for it or your insurance is. And while I'm not a doctor (and my battle plan is not a replacement for one), I do have potentially life saving information to return you back to good health starting today. Because I don't have to charge outrageous doctors fees - my battle plan can be yours for $17


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Best Regards,

Author of 30 Days To Lower Cholesterol

P.S. Get rid of high cholesterol levels once and for all! My 30 day battle plan will have you painlessly tweaking your lifestyle for staggering health benefits. It's not about eating oatmeal everyday. In fact, you'll be excited for your next trip to the grocery store! Just scroll up to take another look at what my battle plan can do for you.

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