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Hardly noticeable at the beginning, the rash first appears on your knees, elbows or on the hairy side of the skull, as small reddish scales. Then it transforms into large spots, covered by silver scales. Later in the process the rash extends on other skin surfaces, turning your body into a cubic picture and you life in a nightmare.

Most people have no idea that psoriasis isn’t contagious and they can’t help their fear and disgust as they meet a sick person. Throughout recorded history there was no case of the disease being transmitted from one person to another, even when coming in contact with infected blood. Regardless, even in the richest countries of the world, there is about 4% of the population recorded as suffering from this disease.

What do we know about it?

A lot of physicians point out endocrinal disturbances as well as metabolically and changes in the immune system of the patient. There are papers stating that the disease is caused by certain types of neuroses as well as stress, but many admit that this illness is still a mystery for physicians.

Unfortunately, there is no known treatment against this disease that keeps it away for good. However, by studying the numerous forms and types of psoriasis, doctors have managed to develop a treatment which guarantees a lasting remission of the disease. They can also guarantee a drastic demise up to complete disappearance of symptoms for many years.

Most people inherited psoriasis. 60% of the patients have relatives who suffered, or still suffer of this terrible illness. There is just one chromosome responsible for it. But, even if someone were to trace back to a few hundreds of years his genealogic tree, and if it could be proven that no one in his family ever suffered from psoriasis, this wouldn’t matter a lot.

Because of the pathology, the chromosome can be dormant for years, and kids with infected parents could live a long life without a spot on their body. Nevertheless, some circumstances can be looked in. Like the age for instance – most of the sick are between 15 and 25 years old. This happens because of the hormonal transformations the body goes trough at puberty, as well as increased psychical instability.

The three stages

The first noticeable thing when studying psoriasis is the red skin. Any doctor would tell you about the three stages of the disease: progressive, stationary and regressive. During the first stage of the disease, the spots are swollen, hard to the touch and they have a bright color. The spots appear in friction and pressing areas, such as where the bra closes, or on an injury.

In the second phase, no more spots appear, but the existing ones tend to link together to form larger and pail ones. The final stage, the regressive stage, is characterized by the partial and sometimes complete disappearance of the spots. It should be noticed that the pail spots are then replaced by darker ones.


Natural Treatments for Psoriasis And Psioriatic Arthritis

Natural Treatments for Psoriasis And Psioriatic Arthritis EbookPsoriasis is a noncontagious, skin disease that has been diagnosed in 4.5 million adults in the United States. About 10 percent to 30 percent of people with psoriasis also develop psoriatic arthritis, which causes pain, stiffness and swelling in and around the joints.

No one knows exactly what causes psoriasis, but it is believed to be an auto immune disorder that also has a genetic component. The majority of researchers agree that the immune system is somehow triggered, which speeds up the growth and life cycle of skin cells.

Normally, a skin cell matures and falls off the body's surface in 28 to 30 days. However, a psoriatic skin cell takes only three to four days to mature and move to the surface. Instead of falling off (shedding), the cells pile up and form the lesions.


With This Guide You'll Quickly Discover Things Like:

The true definition of the conditions known as psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis
The five different types of psoriasis
The astounding statistics about who suffers from this disorder
The likelihood of you having your psoriasis develop into psoriatic arthritis
The classic symptoms of psoriasis vulgaris which is the most common type of the affliction
The symptoms and appearance of guttate psoriasis which appears as red spots
What the streptoccal virus may have to do with the development of psoriasis in your case
The symptoms of erythrodermic psoriasis which cusses severe redness and pain
The likelihood of contracting severe infections when you have certain types of psoriasis
Which type of psoriasis can almost be as painful as a very bad burn
The most common places on the body to find the psoriasis plaques (tough red patches of skin covered with silvery scales)
Why psoriasis sufferers shed their skin
The symptoms of inverse psoriasis which lurks in skin folds
The symptoms of pustular psoriasis which looks like acne
Who is most likely to develop pustlar psoriasis
What type of psoriasis is most likely to cause severe pain
How dermatologists classify psoriasis from being mild, moderate and severe
The absolute worst case scenario for victims if the disease develops out of control
How the condition of psoriasis is actually related to an overactive immune system
Why the plaque skin cells develop and toughen and how many days it takes for them to migrate from beneath the skin to the skin’s surface to form the painful scales
How having a family history of the disease can have a relationship to your case of psoriasis
The chromosome that has been discovered that scientist think might be responsible for hereditary cases of psoriasis
What your T-cell count can tell you about your psoriasis outbreaks
An in depth examination of the latest study that tells us why some people who have a genetic disposition towards it and others don’t
How psoriasis can affect the quality of your life
How psoriasis can affect your self esteem
How teenagers in particular are affected by the condition
Why psoriasis sufferers have a higher rate of suicide than non sufferers
The prognosis for the disease and whether or not you can expect to have it all of your life

Should you go the natural route or opt for the usual medical treatments?

As with any medical condition or complaint, there are many different ways of treating or dealing with psoriasis, some of which are dependent on pharmaceutical drugs whilst others are completely natural.

And of course, it almost always follows that treating any medical condition naturally is the best way of doing things if such treatments are going to be appropriate and effective.

The purpose of this ebook is to examine what psoriasis is and what causes it in greater detail, before looking at the various different ways of treating the condition so that you can decide what the best treatment plan is for you.


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