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Pressure around the eyes, throbbing pain, a tight band around your head-we can all recognize the onset of common headache symptoms, but did you know that different types of headaches should be treated differently?

"Headache pain can be disabling and make it difficult to accomplish the simplest of tasks," said Lindsey Stephens, pharmacist and director of best practices for Medicine Shoppe International, Inc. "Consulting your pharmacist with your headache symptoms will help ensure that you select the right medication and dosage to relieve your pain."

Medicine Shoppe Pharmacists offer the following information to help headache sufferers determine the type of headache they suffer from and how to treat it:

Tension Headaches:

Symptoms: Constant or throbbing pain, often accompanied by tight muscles in the neck or head

Causes: Tension, stress, eye or muscle strain, depression, sleep changes, weather changes, certain foods and medications

Migraine Headaches:

Symptoms: Depending on the type of migraine, warning signs include flashing lights, colors and a prickly, hot or weak feeling on one side of the body followed by head pain, nausea, tiredness, depression or restlessness

Causes: Tension, bright lights, loud noises, strong smells, weather changes, fatigue, missed meals, smoking, emotional upset and certain food triggers

Sinus Headaches:

Symptoms: Deep and constant pain in the cheekbones, forehead or bridge of the nose that usually intensifies with sudden head movement or straining

Causes: Sinus congestion and inflammation

Because headaches can be caused by an underlying health problem, it is important to consult a physician if headache pain persists or becomes severe.

As with all OTC medications, side effects are possible. In some cases, possible side effects can be the same as headache symptoms. Your pharmacist can help you choose a pain reliever that will help relieve your symptoms without causing additional suffering. Your doctor or pharmacist can also counsel you on lifestyle changes, including stress management and relaxation therapy, to help diminish the frequency and severity of headaches.



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Headaches can make even the best days miserable. Who wants to function when every THOUGHT hurts! Not me and I bet you don't either.

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