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Feel like you've hit rock bottom yet? It hurts to procrastinate. Your boss sets your due date a few weeks away and you promise you'll get started right away. But for whatever reason, despite your best intentions, somehow you always seem to wait 'til the last minute.

Living for weeks with a project over your head can be tough. And very stressful. Especially when finishing it late means getting a late start on your next project.

If you want to reach your personal and professional goals, you must attack procrastination like Mr. Clean attacks a kitchen.

One of the better means that can be employed to beat procrastination is being aware of how to manage time in the best and most effective manner and though procrastination is a very common occurrence in our lives, there is still a need to overcome procrastination so that many of the adverse consequences of procrastinating do not end up spoiling your life. Thus, any help you can get cure your procrastination would be welcome and so there is a need to look at some of these steps that can do the trick for you.

A very simple step you can take in order to beat procrastination is to do the task that you consider is the worst at the top of all your other tasks and the advantage of taking this option is that much like swallowing a frog, once you get that into your system the rest of the tasks will pass off much better and will be easier to do. A second step that you can take if you want to cure procrastination is to break down tasks into easily manageable smaller tasks, and if you remember that the best way to climb a mountain is to take one step at a time then the wisdom of breaking down tasks into smaller tasks will make more sense to you and thus prove an effective remedy to procrastination.

Those putting off exceptionally difficult tasks can learn how to overcome procrastination by thinking of the task in small pieces rather than a large problem. Think back to other projects that were completed and relate them to the existing one. To help learn how to overcome procrastination avoid planning long projects, start with ones that can be done in five or ten minutes and do not stop until the either the time expires of the job is complete. Either way it will be a positive step in the right direction.

You can also beat procrastination by delegating work to others including friends, and once you get a task begun, the rest of the task becomes easier to perform and in the same vein you can also try and do parts of a particular task that is more pleasing to do first and then do the rest of the task later. That way, the unpleasant tasks don't seem so unpleasant and you will have taken a step forward which often is the hardest part about doing your work on time.


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Have you been a procrastinator your entire life? If you have, isn't it time you do something about it?

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 21 phone numbers to have nearby to save you time... and keep you from getting distracted. (Pages 8-9)

 Why successful people are used to getting things done (which keeps them from procrastinating) and how you can be too. (Page 10)

 When you need some inspiration, here’s a mantra you can recite to revitalize your energy and finish out your day strong. (Page 11)

 An easy way people who beat procrastination keep from dwelling on their past failures. (Pages 11-12)

 11 time-wasters you and your family may be suffering from day-in and day-out. (Page 14)

 How to handle chores without wasting time. (Pages 14-15)

 The secret to using small steps to complete huge tasks. (Pages 15-16)

 How procrastinating can lead to huge bills (that you’ve never even considered). (Page 16)

 When you need to keep up with schoolwork, here’s how to use the professor to your advantage. (Page 17)

 How to keep your significant other from being your biggest distraction (and excuse). (Page 19)

 The secret to tackling a huge report, project, or term paper. (Page 21)

 How to seek out friends at work who want you to get things done – and how to avoid the backstabbers. (Page 23)

 An easy way to take care of email and voicemail messages that really aren’t so important. (Page 27)

 Why the hardest job to do is the job you should do first. (Pages 27-28)

 Why you should stay away from the water fountain at work. (Page 29)

 How to make sure you’re not procrastinating by “working” with someone else. (Page 31)

 The secret to getting other procrastinators to leave your office when you’re working (without being rude or saying a word). (Page 32)

 5 reasons to stop putting off breaking up with your partner. (Page 34)

 How straight-forward people (who get things done) make sure their family isn’t keeping them from completing their work. (Page 36)

 When to tell your friends NO! (Pages 36-37)

 13 health symptoms you should not procrastinate in getting checked out. (Pages 38-39)

 5 reasons to stop waiting to lose the weight. (Pages 39-40)

 How to know when it’s time to see a psychologist. (Pages 42-43)

 When procrastination can lead to serious health concerns. (Pages 43-44)

 16 things to do today you've probably been procrastinating on. (Pages 46-53)

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Do you also procrastinate in more areas than just work? If so, there's a good chance it'll end up costing you a lot of cash (page 16). That's reason enough to get a handle on your bad habit right now!

Let alone the fact that it's keeping you from reaching your goals. The office can be a tough place to fight off procrastination. Especially when there are others trying to get you to slack off with them.

My report will teach you how to put a stop to that (and without being rude). See page 32 to find out how to get other procrastinators to leave your office without saying one word. Not even by saying "get out!"

The truth is there are people at work who'd rather take you down with them (by keeping you from working) than go that route themselves. And you can put a stop to it! (Page 23)

My guide teaches you how to say "NO!" to friends, family, significant others and co-workers who compete for your time. And most importantly, how to get yourself to feel like saying "no" is the right thing to do.

If you have trouble starting a project before the last minute, my report will be your secret weapon for fighting off procrastination. 50 pages full of (101) tips, tricks, and tactics for eliminating your bad habit from your life.

Time is money. Can you imagine how much it would be worth to you, your company, and your future goals if you could cut out hours of procrastinating from your life?

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