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Date: Mar 31 2012

Name: Bryan Gille


Dear Friend,

When a person goes through life living with mental illnesses, it often delays them from gaining inner peace. When with this disorder you have to get all the information you can so you can manage it.

Sure, you are saying to your self easier said than done. Some of you might say this writer has no idea what she is talking about, or has no idea what I deal with in my mind. Wrong. I do have an overall idea of most mental illnesses, studied human behaviors my entire life, and lived and dealt with more mental ill persons than the average bear.

Thus, learning about what you are suffering can help you find inner peace. When a person knows what they live and who they are they often feel peace of mind. Furthermore, when a person learns to accept what they have and what the person cannot change, they often find inner peace.

Countless of people today are diagnosed with Bipolar and/or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder-ADHD. The two major problems touching the world today are affecting millions worldwide.

To help you understand these diagnoses, if you are suffering, you must first realize that both Bipolar and ADHD are missing chemicals or faulty functions in the brain, which cause the symptoms to occur.

Thus, you are not mentally ill; rather you have a need within the brain that requires restoration, which will provide you peace of mind. Still, mental ill does not mean you are crazy, rather it means your mind functions differently than other minds do.


Disorders of the Brain

A Guide to Mental Illness

Disorders of the Brain EbookIf you or a loved one is currently struggling with a mental illness, this may be the most important letter you ever read.

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With This Guide You'll Quickly Discover Things Like:

 What mental illnesses really are – we all experience stress, trauma and drama in our lives, find out here why some people are able to handle it well and others aren’t!

 Common mental illness triggers – and how to avoid them!

 The three most common cognitive mental health disorders – find out what these conditions have in common as well as how they differ here!

 Common physical conditions that can cause the onset of dementia – plus, why people who suffer from dementia also tend to exhibit these two negative traits as well … what you learn here may surprise you!

 6 common “root” causes of mental illness – learn how to identify these causes and determine whether yourself or a loved one is at risk for developing a mental illness!

 What you should ask a mental health expert – researching your symptoms and knowing what to ask a mental health expert will go a long way towards preventing an incorrect diagnosis!

 7 common symptoms of mental illness – find out exactly what mental health professionals look for when diagnosing whether a person has a mental illness or not!

 14 common mental illnesses – along with their causes, symptoms and treatments!

 And much, much more!


Isn’t It Time You Gained a Deeper Understanding of Mental Illness?

The first thing that you must understand when it comes to mental illness is that we all have “triggers.”

These triggers are the stressful events that happen in life and everybody deals with them differently. Some people respond negatively to them while others are able to ignore them.

Those individuals who ignore these issues are often not hearing the messages in between – and this is what separates the mentally ill mind from the “normal” mind.

The mentally ill mind tends to absorb everything in life that is said. Someone who is “mentally ill” hears it all and they let all of that process in their brains until it begins to cause confusion.

The “normal” mind tends to only listen to what it wants to listen to and therefore these people do not have the conflicting thoughts that cause mental confusion.

Much more information about mental illness, its causes, its symptoms and its effects is available in my “Disorders of the Brain: A Guide to Mental Illness” ebook.


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This ebook is designed to serve as your guide to various mental illnesses and to assist you in understanding the various diagnosis and mental health problems that are common today.

You see, good mental health is essential for everyday life.

And while most people are able to go through life without any glitches in their mental process, others seem to have constant interruptions.

It is these interruptions that show us that there is something going wrong in the brain of these individuals and that there is an existing problem.

“Disorders of the Brain” will show you how to recognize these glitches in yourself and others and explain what you can do to make things better.


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