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People with asthma or chronic bronchitis often develop asthmatic bronchitis. Patients who suffer from asthma develop asthmatic bronchitis when their previous respiratory condition becomes severe and persistent, causing permanent obstruction of the respiratory tract. People with asthmatic bronchitis also have the symptoms of chronic bronchitis and previous treatments for asthma are no longer effective in clearing the airways clogged with mucus.

Clinical physical examinations are unable to establish an appropriate diagnose judging only by the symptoms of asthmatic bronchitis. Chronic bronchitis, emphysema and asthmatic bronchitis all generate the same symptoms (cough, difficulty breathing, wheezing, chest discomfort when breathing) and therefore it is very difficult to correctly distinguish between them. In many cases, respiratory illnesses are diagnosed upon patients’ reports of their symptoms, which aren’t very revealing in indicating the exact cause of illness. Asthmatic bronchitis can be effectively diagnosed through the means of laboratory tests and careful physical examinations.

Asthmatic bronchitis is a common respiratory condition among chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases. Bronchitis generally causes inflammation and irritation of the respiratory tract. The mucous membrane, bronchial tubes and other organs and tissues involved in the process of breathing become inflamed due to exposure to irritants (dust, pollen, chemicals) or infection with viruses. The respiratory tract has many natural defenses against irritants, but under some circumstances, external agents can break through these barriers.



Dealing With Bronchitis

Our Dealing With Bronchitis EbookBronchitis is a disease of the lungs commonly found in smokers and those who live in polluted areas.

There are short term and chronic cases where the patient has an ongoing cough, often developing phlegm.

Patients who have serious chronic bronchitis have an increased risk of death, often living only up to four years after diagnosis. There are ways to prevent the disease, though; and treatments are available.

Early diagnosis and treatment is critical in successfully reducing the symptoms associated with bronchitis.

Antibiotics are often prescribed to help eliminate infection. Also, inhalers are generally used to help temporary flair-ups such as coughing and wheezing. This can help the patient breathe more comfortably.

With This Guide You'll Quickly Discover Things Like:

 Chapter 1:  Bronchitis, Cough, Cough 

- Symptoms To Look For 
- Is It Chronic Sinusitis? 
- Is It Chronic Bronchitis?

 Chapter 2: The Causes Of Bronchitis 

- Causes Of Chronic Bronchitis 
- Are You At Risk, Then? 
- Do You Need A Doctor? 

 Chapter 3:  Seeking A Doctor’s Help For Bronchitis 

- How Diagnosis Happens 
- Treatment Options From Your Doctor 

 Chapter 4:  What Can Happen If You Don’t Get Treatment 

- When It Happens Often 

 Chapter 5:  Chronic Bronchitis And Emphysema 

- What Happens In Chronic Bronchitis? 
- It Doesn’t Happen Fast 
- What’s Emphysema’s Story? 
- Emphysema Doesn’t Happen Fast, Either 

 Chapter 6:  Surviving COPD And Its Effects On Your Life 

- Quality Of Life 
- The Job OF Medications 
- Symptom Medication 
- Antibiotics 
- Glucocorticosteroids 
- Vaccines 
- Transplantation 

 Chapter 7:  Pulmonary Rehabilitation 

- What’s Included In Therapy? 
- What Can Pulmonary Rehabilitation Do? 

 Chapter 8:  The Lifestyle Changes That Are Necessary 

- Stop Smoking 
- What To Do 
- Improve Air Quality 
- What To Do 
- To Alleviate Symptoms 
- Oxygen Therapy 

 Chapter 9: Diet, Nutrition And Alternative Medication

- Nutrition
- Supplements
- Herbal Help
- What To Do 
- Additional Tools For Relief

Considering the fact that asthmatic bronchitis mostly involves obstruction of the respiratory tract, medical treatments should be effective in both unblocking the airways and fighting against bacteria.

In most cases, medical treatments with antibiotics are accompanied by steroids and inhaled medicines. These medicines are called bronchodilators and they are useful in decongesting the airways clogged with mucus.


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But when it comes to acute bronchitis it is recommended to stay away from dairy foods as this will increase the amount of sputum generated, complicating symptoms. Instead, use cayenne pepper, garlic and chicken stock as they are all mucus clearing foods. Aromatherapy using eucalyptus will help soothe irritated lungs and help regulate clearer breathing. Warm compresses or hot showers can also clear mucus and help steady breathing.

Bronchitis can be a minor affliction cured within a few days or a chronic condition that requires more radical treatment. Use of antibiotics and natural remedies are helpful for acute bronchitis. Chronic bronchitis may require additional steps such as inhalers, oxygen therapy and even surgery. Bronchitis is, however, preventable. The most important preventative is to not smoke and to stay away from second hand smoke. You can start treating bronchitis by getting your copy today!


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P.S. A healthy diet and exercise program are also recommended for easing symptoms of bronchitis. Regular aerobic exercise is helpful in expanding lung capacity and assisting in breathing. Walking is a great low impact exercise for those suffering from bronchitis. In addition, breathing exercises can be helpful. Learning how to take slow, deep breaths will help strengthen the muscles and relax the patient.

P.S.S. Just like chronic bronchitis, asthmatic bronchitis can lead to serious complications (pulmonary bacterial infections) and require ongoing medical treatment. Patients with asthmatic bronchitis are advised to stay away from external irritants (cigarette smoke, pollutants, chemicals, alcohol vapors, dust) as these factors can temporarily aggravate the illness. This ebook goes in detail on how you can go about achieving just that.

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